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Sillas de ruedas plegables

Para quienes requieren tecnología de punta para mantener el ritmo de las exigencias de su vida activa. Durante más de 25 años, QUICKIE ha escuchado, investigado, probado y entregado el producto de acuerdo a las necesidades de sus usuarios. A través del diseño más innovador, un rendimiento superior y una construcción personalizada, QUICKIE le da el poder para vivir sin límites.

Quickie Xenon² Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

Xenon² SeriesSilla de ruedas plegable

The Quickie Xenon² lightweight folding wheelchair has been cleverly designed to create the kind of minimalistic style that you'd expect from a rigid wheelchair.

From $2930

QUICKIE 2 Folding Wheelchair

Quickie 2 FamilySilla de ruedas plegable

The QUICKIE 2 is versatile, modular, and available in an endless number of configurations. An industry favorite lightweight folding wheelchair for over 30 years.

From $2115

QUICKIE QXi/QX Lightweight Folding Wheelchair


The QUICKIE QXi is a durable, low-maintenance lightweight folding wheelchair that's perfect for the person looking for simplicity at the right price.

From $1795

QUICKIE M6 Heavy Duty Wheelchair


The QUICKIE M6 heavy duty wheelchair features a high strength, modular lightweight frame with a 650 pound weight capacity that is custom built for your needs.

From $3055

Preguntas frecuentes

Caster fork length makes a difference to the turning circle - if the fork is longer then the wheelchair is harder to maneuver.

Yes. You can find the item listed on Sunparts.

No, not on lightweight Proton or Spinergy wheels.

Yes, on everything but the lightweight Proton or Spinergy wheels.

Yes, on the lightweight wheel the Surge hand rim is mounted only with a screw, and on the Spinergy wheels the hand rim is mounted with a screw and fixed with an extra nut. The extra nut is included in the kit.

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