RGK Made-to-Measure Wheelchairs

Founded in 1988, RGK Wheelchairs manufactures made-to-measure sport & everyday wheelchairs. Every RGK chair is built to suit the unique requirements & individuality of its rider. The highest quality materials are used to offer the lightest wheelchairs on the market. Our team of RGK Geniuses are committed to working with you and your team to create your perfect chair.

RGK Octane Sub4 Ultra Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair

Octane Sub4Silla de ruedas rígida

Guaranteed to weigh less than 8.8 lbs., the RGK Octane Sub4 delivers uncompromised rigid wheelchair performance.

From $8649

RGK Octane FX Folding Rigid Wheelchair

Octane FXFolding Rigid Wheelchair

The RGK Octane FX is a rigid wheelchair that folds compactly for high performance travelers.

From $6042

RGK Elite Series Basketball Wheelchair

Elite SeriesSilla de ruedas deportiva

The RGK Elite is the sports chair of choice for professional wheelchair basketball athletes, made to your exact measurements.

From $4873

RGK AllCourt Lightweight Sports Wheelchair

AllCourtSilla de ruedas deportiva

The RGK AllCourt features a lightweight, adjustable, high-performance wheelchair frame built for maneuverability and power on the basketball court.

From $3742

RGK GrandSlam Series Tennis Wheelchair

GrandSlam SeriesSilla de ruedas deportiva

The RGK GrandSlam is the tennis wheelchair of choice for world-class athletes, made to your precise measurements.

From $4873

RGK Match Point Lightweight Sports Wheelchair

Match PointSilla de ruedas deportiva

This tennis sports wheelchair was designed for agility and control. The lightweight frame is made-to-order and can be adjusted to maximize your game.

From $3742

RGK Predator Rugby Wheelchair

PredatorSilla de ruedas deportiva

Strong yet lightweight, the RGK Predator is the wheelchair rugby chair of choice for athletes everywhere.

From $7835

RGK AllStar Basketball Wheelchair

AllStarSilla de ruedas deportiva

Lightweight and adjustable, the RGK AllStar helps you to develop your skills as an athlete.

From $3820

RGK FrontWheel All-Terrain Wheelchair Accessory

FrontWheelAccesorios de sillas de ruedas

The RGK FrontWheel is a nifty attachment to help overcome all the things that get in your way.

From $636

Preguntas frecuentes

Individual Measurements
Over 30 individual measurements are taken of you and the wheelchair, so that it can be designed and built to your individual requirements.

Ergonomic Options
Alongside many functional options, a wide range of ergonomic options are available to provide optimum comfort, balance, and posture.

Lightweight and Compact
The lightest possible solution is achieved using individual measurements, the highest quality materials, and rigid frame designs.

Optimum Posture
Sitting in the correct position can significantly reduce the risks of developing pressure-related issues in both the short and long term. Good health helps to promote a more active lifestyle, which in turn can positively impact your wellbeing.

Optimum Comfort
Feeling comfortable increases confidence, which helps you to achieve an active lifestyle. The likelihood of developing prolonged discomfort, pain, and persistent injuries is significantly reduced.

Maximum Performance
You and your made-to-measure wheelchair work in complete unison. This reduces the amount of energy needed to propel, and in turn increases the wheelchair's efficiency to maximize your abilities.