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Pediatric Seating Systems

The innovative pediatric seating systems from Leckey are the culmination of decades of experience working with parents, therapists, technicians, and kids from across the globe. Leckey's pediatric seating systems have been optimized to support the postural and developmental needs for young children and their families, enabling participation in daily functional activities at home, school, or on the move.

Leckey Squiggles Seating System

Squiggles Seating System

Designed to meet all the postural and comfort requirements of young children with special needs while still maintaining a fun, colorful design.

Leckey Mygo Seating System

Mygo Seating System

A therapy chair that grows with its user without sacrificing optimum posturing for pelvic support.

Leckey Everyday Activity Seat

Everyday Activity Seat

Positioning support for kids, teens, and young adults.

Leckey PAL Seating System

PAL Seating System

The perfect balance of postural support and classroom practicality.

Leckey Early Activity System

Early Activity System

Modular early intervention postural support mat.

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