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Sillas de ruedas deportivas

QUICKIE's sports wheelchairs are designed with ultra lightweight materials, high performance technology, and efficient ergonomics to help give athletes a competitive edge.

QUICKIE All Court Lightweight Sports Wheelchair

All CourtSilla de ruedas deportiva

The QUICKIE All Court features a lightweight, adjustable, high-performance wheelchair frame built for maneuverability and power on the basketball court.

From $2950

QUICKIE Match Point Lightweight Sports Wheelchair

Match Point

This tennis sports wheelchair was designed for agility and control. The lightweight frame is custom-built and can be adjusted to maximize your game.

From $2950

Preguntas frecuentes

Caster fork length makes a difference to the turning circle - if the fork is longer then the wheelchair is harder to maneuver.

Yes. You can find the item listed on Sunparts.

No, not on lightweight Proton or Spinergy wheels.

Yes, on everything but the lightweight Proton or Spinergy wheels.

Yes, on the lightweight wheel the Surge hand rim is mounted only with a screw, and on the Spinergy wheels the hand rim is mounted with a screw and fixed with an extra nut. The extra nut is included in the kit.

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