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Pediatric Standers

At Leckey, we understand the importance of standing and the benefits it can bring a child both therapeutically and socially. Standing can improve a child's wellbeing by enabling peer-to-peer interactions at eye level and also aids in digestion, circulation, and respiratory functions. Pediatric standers help facilitate formation of the hip joint in early development, and as children continue to grow, standers can increase bone density while stretching muscles which prevents contractures, and also relieve pressure for improved skin integrity. Standers are an important aspect of 24-hour postural care.

Leckey Squiggles Stander

Squiggles Stander

The adjustable 3-in-1 pediatric stander designed for growing children.

Leckey Squiggles+ Stander

Squiggles+ Stander

Prone, upright and supine standing in one pediatric stander.

Leckey Mygo Stander

Mygo Stander

Stand out from the crowd in this modular and adjustable pediatric standing system.

Leckey Freestander


Freedom is at your feet with this positioning standing system

Leckey Horizon Stander

Horizon Stander

Standing on the horizon with this multi-position stander.

Leckey Pronestander


Prone for success with this angle adjustable stander

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