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¡Diseñada para niños activos y en crecimiento!

Silla de ruedas pediátrica plegable X'CAPE™

The ZIPPIE X’CAPE® pediatric folding wheelchair is the first ever wheelchair with XLOCK® technology for the performance of a rigid frame and the convenience of a folding frame. Designed for active and growing kids, the ZIPPIE X'CAPE weighs as little as 19 pounds and features a versatile frame available in over 600 color combinations.

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ZIPPIE X'CAPE Kids Folding Wheelchair
Meet Lily

Meet Lily

With her ZIPPIE X'CAPE, Lily's day is full of adventure and fun.

Pediatric-Specific Design

Pediatric-Specific Design

The Zippie X’CAPE was designed with the goal of helping children with varying mobility needs transition to their next level of independence. One of the lightest pediatric folding wheelchairs at as little as 19 lbs, the X'CAPE allows your child to spend less energy on propulsion and more on playing, exploring, and being a kid!

The X'CAPE's setup can be fine-tuned to provide the best possible access to the wheels for each child. As they grow, 2" of growth in the crossbrace and 3" in the seat rail keep your child positioned properly for maximum independence.

XLOCK<sup>®</sup> Crossbrace for Performance and Convenience

XLOCK® Crossbrace for Performance and Convenience

The Zippie X'CAPE's patented XLOCK® folding crossbrace fully locks when unfolded, creating a level of performance, efficiency, and durability comparable to a rigid frame wheelchair. And it couldn't be easier to transport. One-step push-to-lock and pull-to-fold functions are easy to operate with just one hand.

The X'CAPE's 27 frame colors and 24 crossbrace colors can be chosen separately to create over 600 color combinations, so your child can sport their team colors, school colors, or personal favorites!

Z-finity<sup>®</sup> System for Lower Extremity Positioning

Z-finity® System for Lower Extremity Positioning

The Z-finity® System's footplate can be adjusted between .5" above the seat pan to 21" below the seat pan to provide proper support as your child grows. Its pivot arm allows for infinite adjustment of the footrest angle and placement to achieve optimal positioning of the feet, ankles, and knees.

Z-finity is available with both of the X'CAPE's front frame options - Swing-in/Swing-out and Fixed. Choose Swing-in/Swing-out hangers for aid in transfers and pulling up close to cabinets and counters. Choose Fixed hangers for the lightest weight configuration and an active style.

VersaRail<sup>™</sup> for Limitless Seating and Accessory Options

VersaRail for Limitless Seating and Accessory Options

Pediatric wheelchairs often don't provide enough space to mount multiple components and accessories - made-to-order seating, armrests, wheel locks, and side guards - leaving you in the tough spot of choosing what is most important. VersaRail's unique design accepts both bolt-on mounts and mounting clamps, and allows for shared placement of these components. so your child has access to all the options they need - no compromises.

The VersaRail also makes ordering simple by offering one seat rail system that is compatible with both sling upholstery and made-to-order seating options.

Product Width:14.8" to 26.5"
Anchura de asiento:8" to 16" (grows to 18")
Profundidad de asiento:8" to 18" (grows to 20")
Altura delantera de asiento:13" to 18.5"
Altura trasera de asiento:11" to 18.5"
Back Height:
  • Standard: 9" to 24"
  • Dynamic: 12" to 24"
Back Angle Adjustment:Fore (-) 8° to Aft (+) 24°
Ángulo de armazón:80° (Z-finity™ System allows for infinite angle adjustment)
Center of Gravity (COG) Adjustment:3"
Shipping Dimensions:33" L x 38" H x 13" W
Product Information
Model Number:EIFZ1
HCPCS Code:E1238
Starting Retail Price:
  • Transit Included: $2,395
  • Transit Optional: $2,155
Frame Type:Folding
Frame Material:Aluminum
User Weight Capacity:165 lbs.
Product Weight:19 lbs.
Average Shipping Weight:50 lbs.

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Preguntas frecuentes

Yes, by raising and lowering the push handles in the rear side frame or back frame one can adjust the back height.

Your serial number is usually found on the frame underneath the seat (or on the cross brace of a folding wheelchair). It will be a white sticker with a barcode and a series of numbers.

Unfortunately we don't. However, nail varnish is an extremely inexpensive and easy way of fixing any small scratches or blemishes to your wheelchair's frame.

There are a number of different wheelchair cushions available for our products. You can view our complete range of JAY wheelchair cushions online. For the best comfort we advise you to contact your nearest authorized Sunrise Medical dealership.

Yes you can! You can find the list of available colors on the product's order form. If you're looking for something more unique, our Built-4-Me team can help supply a product to your specific needs.

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