R20 Accesorios de sillas de ruedas

The only TRUE power-assist device designed to support caregivers.

Power for the caregivers

With the new Empulse R20 power-assist device, it has never been so easy to support the attendant pushing the wheelchair. Whether uphill, downhill, or on long trips, the R20 helps in every situation while having zero detrimental impact when self-propelling. This foldable and lightweight power-assist device is easily transported, either attached or detached from the wheelchair with its handy backpack.

The Empulse R20 is compatible with most folding & tilt-in-space manual wheelchairs.

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Empulse R20 Power-Assist Device
Easy handling

Easy handling

Despite the R20's lightweight and compact design, there is no compromise in performance. The R20 can achieve a 9-mile range, as well as having the ability to climb 10° slopes. It caters to users up to 375 lbs. in weight (419 lbs. total including the wheelchair).

The Empulse R20 design provides easy operation as well as fast docking & undocking. It can also remain on the chair when folded. The R20 power-assist device offers a free-run mode, allowing self-propelling without detaching the device, allowing the highest level of independence.

Smooth transport and folding ability

Smooth transport and folding ability

The Empulse R20 is the only foldable power-assist device on the market. It's easy to transport, even when still attached to the wheelchair. The R20's folding ability and light weight allows smooth transport while attached or separate from the wheelchair. It's easy to handle and store for all situations in every day life, including travel activities.

The click-fix docking system allows easy docking without using any tools. Only the small docking pin remains on the wheelchair, minimizing added weight and parts.

Simple operation

Simple operation

The Empulse R20's control unit features simple one-button on/off control for safe handling and easy operation. Speed settings are easily toggled between three speed ranges (1.2, 2.3, and 3.1 mph). The control unit's position is adjustable for optimal accessibility, visibility, and comfort. The control unit also features a quick-release for easy, safe transport without disconnecting the cable.

Climb slopes with ease

Climb slopes with ease

Weighing less than 10 lbs., you'll be surprised how the R20 power-assist device enables you to easily ascend slopes of up to 10°. The strong 250 W motor (with a three-year warranty) and lithium-ion battery are very reliable.

Anchura de asiento:13" to 23"
Seat-to-Floor Height:15.5" to 20.5"
Product Information
Model Number:EISP9
Starting Retail Price:$2875
Autonomía máxima:Up to 9 miles
Max. Speed:3.1 mph (adjustable in three steps: 1.2 / 2.3 / 3.1 mph)
Battery Size:5.8-6 Ah / 36 V (209-216 Wh) - Lithium-ion
User Weight Capacity:375 lbs.
Product Weight:9.9 lbs. (including battery)

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Preguntas frecuentes

During the forward movement, the motor winding (stator) is uncoupled (by the freerun). This is not the case when moving backward, as the motor windings create a voltage causing the LEDs to flash, which is completely normal.

The R20 is a pushing device without any braking function. A drumbrake is only recommended, not mandatory, as it always depends on the capabilities of the user and the area of application (e.g., environment, sloping terrain, etc.).

The motor power will be reduced. At a low charge level, the motor operates ~100W less.

The R20 is compatible with all wheelchair models that have a box frame and tubing diameter between 22 and 28 mm.

No. Please do not attempt to shorten or cut the docking arms. Complete docking arms or only tubes are available as spare parts.

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